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Students regularly review their performances in order to advance their critical understanding of the work.Completion of this course does not qualify the student for departmental honors.Those students with a lighting emphasis design the lighting for a departmental production.Students design for two to three plays over the course of the semester.One of the following: THA 4b, THA 9a, THA 15a, THA 25a, THA 33a, THA 50b, THA 52b, THA 64a, THA 64b, THA 102b, THA 103b, THA 104a, or other courses as approved by track adviser.Investigates the exchange between performance texts and contemporaneous discussions of class, nationality, and political party.

Prerequisite: A course in dramatic literature and familiarity with theatrical production.Theory, etymologically, begins with a spectator and a viewing.Students explore how to take responsibility for their own development through the rehearsal process.Design students serve as assistants to the designers in the areas of scenery, costumes, and lighting.All graduate design students will have the opportunity to be involved in production work as design assistants or designers in the Brandeis Theater Company during the course of the three-year program.Elizabeth Terry, Undergraduate Advising Head (on leave fall 2009).

Design interviews and portfolio evaluations are held at Brandeis and the USITT Convention (see Web site for dates and locations).A hands-on course providing exposure to and experience in the practical aspects of dance and movement performance.Students are given the opportunity to explore these ideas as well as learn about and practice the creative process by using a variety of sources that inspire and inform the human being who participates in dance of all kinds.Citizenship requirements can be met in a number of ways in the process of students earning their graduate assistantships, including teaching and advising undergraduates and functioning in performance and mentoring capacities within the department.

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A continuation of THA 255a, the student is exposed to a range of movement techniques including chorus movement, neutral mask, and clown.Second-year set design students focus on advancing the technical and visual skills begun in the first year.How to Become a Major or Minor Students who wish to major or minor in theater arts should meet early in their academic career with the undergraduate advising head to develop a plan.First-year actors are required to audition for and play as cast in fall season productions.This class provides a solid foundation in audio editing and MIDI sequencing.Under professional direction or supervision, students develop a working knowledge of stage management through either stage managing or assistant stage managing a production with the Brandeis Theater Company, or the Undergraduate Theater Collective, or as part of a preapproved project within or outside the university.

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Synthesizes the various aspects of actor training and guides the student to a fuller realization of previous class work.An introductory course on the basic concepts and techniques of making presentations to groups of people.

Focus is on releasing the creative energies of the actor through integrated work on technique and text.Acting auditions are held at sites around the United States and at Brandeis once every three years.Complete the Earned Income Credit (EIC) Worksheet in these instructions or let the IRS figure.Students may choose to replace the following courses in the musical theater track in accordance with the following guidelines.Gender and sexuality studied as sets of performed traits and cues for interactions among social actors.The first indication of corrosion on unpainted surfaces is in the form of.

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We ask students to explore their own creative impulses with honesty and intelligence.Prerequisite: THA 2a and THA 4a or permission of the instructor.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.This course may be taken alone to fulfill requirements for the major or in conjunction with THA 99a to complete a full-year thesis project, making the student eligible for departmental honors.Attention paid to race, class, gender, sexuality, and theater in performance.This prepares talented students for a professional life in the theater in the areas of acting and design.In addition, they rehearse and perform every semester as part of the BTC season.

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Form 1097-BTC. 2016. While we do our best to keep this list of Federal income tax forms up to date and complete, we cannot be held liable for errors or omissions.

Curriculum builds upon the work of THA 283a with further focus on the classics and on characterization.Before actors, directors, or designers begin to work, they need a fundamental understanding of the play at hand.

An intensive study of British, U.S., and European drama of the last hundred years.THA 232a and b Life Drawing (not required for Sound Design and Technology).The first semester treats theater from classical Greece to the eighteenth century.Search for stock, prices and datasheets for electronic parts by distributor and manufacturer.

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Fundamentals in singing techniques using the repertoire of the musical theater.

The second-year lighting design student continues developing a conceptual approach to design and also solves advanced problems in lighting design, that is, musicals, opera, and multiset productions.Surveys Greek epic poetry and the tragic and comic drama produced in the city-state of Athens (Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes).Two of the following: THA 10b, THA 120a, THA 120b, THA 130a, or other courses as approved by track adviser.

Topics include resumes, material selection, preparation, and practice in various kinds of auditions using both classical and contemporary literature.Designed to acquaint the student with the theatrical elements of production and performance and to familiarize the student with the role of artist and audience.Yields half-course credit (two semester-hour credits) toward graduation and rate of work.THA 232a Life Drawing: Part 1 or FA 3a Introduction to Drawing.The Department of Theater Arts views the theater as a centuries-old system for creating awareness of groups and their place in the wider universe of experience.Students study and train in a preset curriculum of classes offered by the graduate acting faculty.Pharmacology of nucleoside and nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor-induced mitochondrial toxicity.